Friday, April 23, 2010

Sheen Set To Music-The Hour of Testing

As a Church, we are currently in the midst of severe attack and persecution. Rather than run from this, our current cross, we must remain faithful, steadfast in prayer, and suffer well. Archbishop Sheen knew we were approaching a time in which we as a Church would undergo opposition from the world. We should and need not despair. This opposition should let us know that we are in the battle. Yes, the enemy is strong, but the victory has been won by Our Savior as He drained Himself on that Cross which bridged heaven and earth. Let us then hope instead in these days, pray harder, fast more often, and remain hanging on our cross, for as long as necessary, just as Our Blessed Lord did.

Love certainly does not kill pain and suffering, but it does soften it. Offering our persecution, opposition, suffering, and pain to the Lord will enable us to keep fighting, and remain with Him in the midst of this hour of testing. What an honor it is to be considered a warrior for the Lord, for who would want to face Our Lord at death without a few scars?

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