Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sheen Set To Music- The Women Who Do Not Fail

"These are the women who do not fail.   And it is interesting if you've ever noticed it, that in the great crises - the greatest crises that ever faced Our Blessed Lord, there were many instances of men failing.  But there was never a single instance of a woman failing."  

This remarkable observation by Bishop Sheen sets the tone for this piece.  Women, created to bring forth life, have a unique and irreplaceable role on this earth.  Whether naturally or supernaturally, every woman in the world is called to be a mother.  With this understanding deep rooted in their feminine Marian hearts, it will be impossible for a woman to fail.  Sheen puts forth that women who do not fail can fall into three categories: 1) women who do not fail in the social, political and economic order, 2) women who do not fail in the home, and 3) women who do not fail in the preservation of  spiritual value for civilization. 

After carefully analyzing these three types of women, Sheen brilliantly makes the parallel of the three women who stood at the foot of the Cross as Our Lord was being crucified.  Their names were the same.  And the name?  Mary.  There was Mary Magdalene, Mary the wife of Clopas, and Mary of Nazareth, the Blessed Mother.  Each of these women represent the three types of women who do not fail respectively.  As we embark on understanding why these types of women do not fail, let us realize first and foremost that it is always at the Cross where saints are made. 

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