Friday, April 23, 2010

Sheen Set To Music-The Woman I Love

Archbishop Fulton Sheen was perhaps the greatest evangelist of the twentieth century. I made a commitment to have a "Sheen Hour" everyday while in seminary, where I would listen to one of his numerous talks, retreats, or broadcasts, and keep this practice even today. I have listened countless times to this remarkable preacher, servant, but most of all, holy Catholic priest and victim. It is because of his influence that I make a daily holy hour, which has changed my life and my soul in ways I would have never imagined. Please pray for his canonization. Allow his inspired words to penetrate you. His thoughts on the Blessed Mother are arrows which pierce the inner depths of all our hearts, even those who may think She is distant. She only wants to lead us to Jesus, and help us to heaven. She is Our Mother, the Mother of the whole human race, and this was instituted by Christ on the Cross. On Mary, Sheen speaks directly, truthfully, but most of all, he speaks passionately - as a man who is truly in love.

In "The Woman I Love", Sheen discusses Mary as a dream, a mother, and finally, a spouse. He knew Her so well, and knew that through Her, one day he would be able to see Jesus face to face and be with Him forever in paradise. As a man studying for priesthood, Mary is the woman of my life, and I can only hope and trust that with Her, I can do the same.

Immaculata, Queen and Mother of the Church, I renew my self-consecration to you, for this day and for always, so that you might use me for the coming of the Kingdom of Jesus in the whole world. To this end, I offer you all my prayers, actions, and sufferings of this day.

Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee, and for all those who do not have recourse to Thee, especially the enemies of the Holy Church and all those recommended to You. Amen.

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