Sunday, April 17, 2011


This song was inspired by and written in honor of Our Lady of Sorrows, who is also the Cause of Our Joy.  The general movement of the song is a journey from sorrow to joy.  The track may be difficult to listen to in the beginning.  It grabs your ear by a simple curiosity: the song is unpredictable.  The sound is eerie but beautiful with a continual flow of musical tension and resolution.  

The title becomes apparent in the beginning with the voice of Archbishop Fulton Sheen.  He introduces "the sword" and helps to set the scene at the foot of the Cross to the climax of the song.  As the song progresses, it becomes more and more familiar with modern music style, but still contains some artistic surprises.  It concludes with a hip-hop "explanation" of the purpose and meaning of the whole track.  Be with Christ during His Passion this week. Stand with Mary, Our Lady of Sorrows, who is also the Cause of Our Joy, and allow yourself to gaze upon Love Himself.


written, recorded and arranged by
Rev. Mr. Rich Mastrogiacomo & 
Mr. Benjamin Ross

Archbishop Sheen:
And now comes the sword
Mary was waiting for it to fall
And She sees a centurion come with a lance
This solider takes this lance
And he plunges into the side of Christ

Ben and Rich:
This is where you let go
Joy will come from sorrow

Ave Maria gratia plena 
Dominus tecum benedicta tu

We're at the foot of the Cross 
picture the scene if you dare
The Mother of humanity 
is certainly standing there
The price of redemption she'll share
The pain She will bear
She kisses the blood as it drips on Her hair

This Lady was able to stand 
and endure without fear
The prophecy of Simeon, 
She accepted the spear - no fear
It was clear that what awaited was heaven
And yea Her suffering was perfect, 
yea Her sorrows were seven

And She looks up at Her Son
What else could She do?
She hears in Her heart,
 "Look ma I make all things new"

Pain She's embracing
While it is sin He's erasing
Heart is pacing and racing
Joy is so close you can taste it let's face it

So this is the Mother and Queen
Given to you and me
Fiat - let it be
Joy and sorrow dichotomy, you see?

This is the woman given to all humanity
Cause She's the one that we love
She's the Ave Maria!

Ave Maria gratia plena Dominus tecum benedicta tu